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Hind Kharifi: a talented artist that can transfer your ideas into art.

hind kharifi

My role

Website design

Website development


Graphic design

Time spent

15 Days

Project description

Hind Kharifi is an artist that specializes in branding, illustration, and product design. she struggles in the past because she didn’t have time to focus on building a portfolio and a place where she can share her ideas.

Project Scope

The goal of this project is to design and develop a website where she can share her work that will attract more potential clients, but also she wants a place where she can share ideas and experiences, so a blog would be perfect.
hind kharifi
hind kharifi
hind kharifi

The results

At the end of this project, we came up with a website that is in line with her visual style, and also a place where she can call her own, a website that allows visitors to know who is Hind and what can she do, and also know what’s in her mind. super glad to work white such a talented person.