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About me

Hey i’m Mughit, a 23 years old designer based in Casablanca, Morocco. passionate about design and everything visually pleasing to the eye. I work as a web designer, designing websites and developing them using WordPress.

What I love to do

I like to design accessible websites and make them beautiful to look at, not just a boring collections of images and text.
My workflow

How do you work with me?

1. Discovery

This is the first phase where I have a chat with the client and try to have a general idea about his business and its pain points, and finally decide what solution will work best for him based on the conversation we had.

2. First deposit

after having a good idea of what the client needs and wants, I send him an invoice containing the scope of the project (project goals, deliverables, tasks, and deadlines), and how much it’s gonna cost. if we’re both agreed we can move to the first deposit of the total cost.

3. Strategy

in the Strategy phase, I talk with the clients and try to understand what type of content will work best to deliver the result we want, with all this information I start crafting the content and wireframing the whole website to have a better idea of the final structure of the website.

4. Design

after the client approves the wireframes and the content, I start crafting mood boards to show the client what visual style directions we can go with, and which ones will work best for us, then I start designing the actual website using color, type, layout, and imagery…

5. Development

once I’m done with the design I present it to the client and ask for his feedback and if there is anything that needs to be changed or removed. then I start developing the website using the tool we see fit for the project, but it’s mostly WordPress and woo-commerce.

6. Test & revision

when I’m done with the development which is making the design come to life as a real website, I ask the client for his feedback and if he changed his mind on something, and add the final touches before the official launch.

7. Final payment and launch

The final step is where I share with the client the final result, once we’re good I optimize the website for SEO and lunch it. also, I create some tutorials for the client showing how he can manage his website by himself.