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Project Overview

In 2023, I had the privilege of working in collaboration with on the redesign and development of the Sellmans Men’swear website. Sellmans, a well-established name in high-quality menswear since 1960, has upheld its core motto, “Good service at reasonable prices in a pleasant environment,” through the years. Under the leadership of Hugo Gustafson’s son, Pierre, and his wife, Pernilla, the business continues to thrive with a commitment to tailored perfection and accessible shopping.

The website project aimed to translate Sellmans’ rich heritage into a digital experience that would resonate with its loyal customer base and attract new patrons.






Web Designer, WordPress Developer


The primary challenge for this project was to capture the essence of Sellmans’ decades-long tradition of exceptional service and quality in a digital format. It was crucial to create a website that reflected the brand’s timeless values while providing a modern and user-friendly interface for customers. Balancing the traditional with the contemporary and ensuring that the website represented the essence of Sellmans’ “pleasant environment” in an online setting was a significant challenge.


The Sellmans Men’swear website is a testament to the seamless collaboration between web design and development in collaboration with the Gografik agency. It effectively encapsulates the brand’s timeless values and commitment to service and quality, creating a digital environment that welcomes and serves its customers with the same level of excellence they’ve come to expect for over six decades.

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